Dell usb mouse has driver trouble every day

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Every day I have to login to a computer remotely and fix a mouse problem on this one computer. I goto devices, right click and hit troubleshoot. The mouse has a little exclamation mark on it. The problem is resolved and then we can use the pc all day. We don't restart the pc, it just randomly stops working again.

I tried to remove the driver / reinstall ect.
I have replaced the mouse.
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Try not only removing the Mouse driver But  ALL  the USB devices listed under Universal Serial Bus Devices Controllers with the uninstall option AFTER you have the mouse unplugged.
     Click on Action and then scan for hardware bus changes
When all the  Serial Bus Devices Controllers have been redetected
 Plug the Mouse back in.
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there could be a conflict with another device do the log files show anything

for the trouble a mouse is causing you I would replace the mouse, or swap out with another computer for troubleshooting purposes this will help.
Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UK

might want to check the chipset drivers from board manufacturer.  does the system have any other USB devices attached (keyboard, USB drive/stick, printer).  I would ensure just mouse/KB are attached and see if it behaves.

even try another brand/model of mouse and make sure there is no Logitech/MS mouse software installed (especially if its not a Logitech or MS mouse).
Kyle DaviesRetail Software Specialist

Is it a usb mouse?

What you can try doing is taking one of the users out of group policies and test it for the day we had a similar problem to what you have and figured out that it was one of the group policies.
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If it's a usb mouse, make sure the power options on the USB hub doesn't implement power saving.

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