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I'm working with VMWare ESXi 4.0.  I have 2 nics in the server.

Currently 1 nic is configured for 2 vm's and the other nic is configured for my xch server.

I would like to move my xch server to the nic with the other vm's, so I can configure that nic for iscsi.

Is there a way to do that?

Thank you!
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In the vSphere client:
right click on the VM, click "Edit Settings"
Click on your network adapter
On the right hand side in the "Network Connection" section, change the "Network Label" to "VM Network"

That will move the VM over to the other NIC. Just be sure that your server has an IP Address that is valid on the "VM Network" segment of your network.


Everything is on one subnet, we don't have seperate networks, yet anyway.

Is this something I can do on the fly?

Thank you for the quick response.
Yes, you should be able to do it on the fly as long as everything is on one subnet. You may see a very short (few second) drop in its network connectivity as the server figures out where it is on the network.

You can verify that everything is working by starting a perpetual ping (ping -t exchange) before you make the change. Best case scenario is that it will drop only one ping while it moves over to the other physical NIC.



Thank you so much!  I may wait until this even to make that change though, just to be on the safe side. This company relies on their email heavily, would rather wait so if there are problems I have time to bring it up.

I need help with the isci setup as well, but I'll create a new ticket for that.

Thank you!!!

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