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In outlook, how do I auto forward an email when I receive an message from a particular email address?

So basically, I want to have an email automatically forwarded to a personal account when I receive an email from a selected person.

And is it possible to set up a group type thing so that when I add a person to that group, any email from one of those people in the group is automatically sent on?

This is for 2007.
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You should be able to right click on the email, go to "rules" and create a rule for that email. You can set up a rule that when the message is "from" that email address, then on the next screen create an action to forward it elsewhere.
Tools, then rules and alerts.

Click New Rule.

Under "Start with a blank rule" choose Check messages after they arrive and click Next.

Check the box for "from people or distribution list"  In the bottom have of the wizard, click the link for "people or distribution list" and add names or email addresses, or a distribution list.  Separate names, email addresses, etc. with semicolons.

Click Next.

Check "Forward it to people or distrubtion list".  Add names in the bottom half of the wizard just as you did before.

Click Next.  Choose exceptions if you want any.

Click Next, then Finish.

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