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My company has a PC which is shared by members of a work group.  They use a group logon to authenticate with Active Directory when they logon to this computer.

Additionally, each member of this work group has their own personal user profile login in our Active Directory.

I would like to configure Outlook and our Exchange Server so that each person in the group has an Outlook profile they can select to open their personal mailbox, and for them to prompted for Windows authentication each time.

What do I have to do?
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In windows control panel, go to the "mail" control panel. Click on the "show profiles" button. You can set up profiles for each user, then at the bottom, click the "prompt for a profile to be used" radio button.
The correct solution to this is for these users to stop authenticating with the network using a shared logon account, then configure Outlook for each user profile on that machine (if you're not using roaming profiles). Many people sharing a single user account is very undesirable. At the very least, have them connect to their mailboxes with OWA instead of Outlook proper.

However, you can accomplish what you want.

Create multiple mail profiles, through the Mail applet in Control Panel, one for each user. Configure it so that Outlook will always prompt for a profile to be used. In each one of those profiles, configure "Always prompt for logon credentials" in the Security tab of the profile properties.

In this scenario, though, only one user at a time will be able to check their mail on this computer with Outlook, since only one instance of Outlook can be running at a time.

I want to reiterate that having different users share a single logon account is bad, and that having them each log on with their own domain account to this workstation, then configuring Outlook per profile as normal, is the correct path to resolve this.

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