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Existing Windows 7 ---> Ubuntu Linux Software


We have a brand new Netbook which is running on Windows 7 Home Basic, what we want to do is also install another operating system together with the Windows one for a dual boot installation....Is the possible? If so,can you instruct us how?

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Yes, absolutely.  There are some good tutorials available, such as this one...

Dual Boot Your Pre-Installed Windows 7 Computer with Ubuntu
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Caveat - I found Win7 wouldn't install service pack 1 if it finds GRUB in the MBR.

I don't know if they'll put the same check routine in SP2's install, but you might want to consider that when determining which of those methods to use.
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Tx. Does wubu use Grub? I presume not. It would seem to be choice method then?
Wubi uses the Windows boot manager, see here: - scroll down a bit to see the screenshot.
Yes, by using Wubi, you don't have to worry about setting up boot loaders and all, that is all done by default in the background.
You can always use boot.ini method to keep windows happy loading Linux form it's partition (windows installer does not complain about GRUB in a partition, it is not happy when you change default bootloader)
very old but still correct writeup:

It might take some care to NOT install grub into MBR while running automatic installer.

Also when resizing NTFS from Linux it is a good idea to have chkdsk on a bootable CD

If your CPU supports VT-x or AMD-V (as told by CPU-Z from it might be better to acquire vmware player or virtualbox and run Linux virtualized (you can reinstall and reverse if you have little need for windows after ( is your friend)