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Urgent - simple excel formula needed please


Got a urgent question.

Could someone please help me write a basic formula in column D of the attached.
Basically I need the value to appear in each row of col D, so that the value is equal to either col B's percentage of the corresponding value in Col A or the value in col C.

Example for row 3.

7.9m x 8% = 0.632m.  This is lower than the 5m in Col C, so the value in Col D should be 0.62m

If Col C's figure was lower, then this figure would be taken.  I cannot remember how to use the MIN command here.  I think it is =MIN((B3*A3),C3)?

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Gary Dewrell
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This will have exactly the same effect as my formula above though right?
It will compare the value of A4 x B3 against the value in Cell C3. Which ever value is smaller will be placed in D3.

I believe that is what your looking for. If not let me know.

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Yes it is, but what I am asking is, your formula will have the same effect as =MIN((B3*A3),C3) as I posted in the question right, just another way of writing the formula?
then would be =MIN((A3*B3);C3)
(not ,C3 but ;C3)

Same result
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What difference does , or ; have?  Still works with ,?
Yes you can also use. =MIN(A3*B3,C3)
, doesn't work with me (Excel2010)
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Check this file
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semi colon doesnt work, only comma works with excel 2007...or for me it does anyway.
I am using 2010 also and it is working. Can you post your file again.
Did you check the file I attached?
Sorry, missunderstood what you said. I thought you added the code I provided and it did not work.

Your sheet is working fine for me.   What results are you seing in Collum D?
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Just to close off this one, how would I amend this statement so that it doesnt show #N/A or leave the cell blank if the other cells in the formula are blank?