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X.400 messages from Exchange 2003 to Isode 15 aren't relayed.

When I try to send an X.400 message from Exchange Server 2003 to an Adjacent MTA (which test binds successfully to Exchange) I can see an assosciation being made in the adjacent MTAs logs but that's it. Can anyone shed any light on what's happening in the attached event log entries from the Exchange machine?
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>Does it mean that you succeed to connect from Isode to Exchange ?

It's an X.400 problem, not a networking one. Pinging works fine in both directions. I can't telnet to Isode from the Exchange server on port 102 but I can't do that on ones that work with it either. Neither machine have got firewalls enabled.
Exchange Server => Isode : telnet 102 port KO
Other running Server ==> Isode : telnet 102 port KO
==> I think that Isode isn't configured to use 102 port. Can you check with netstat
Can you check telnet from Isode to Exchange on 102 port ? (and check also port used on Exchange)
Isode to Exchange also didn't work, it also failed from a working machine to Isode so I'm not reading too much into that.

I've attached the netstat output of all Isode related processes.
netstat shows that Isode is listening on 102 port. You have a firewall problem ! Check local firewall on your servers and allow 102 ports in both direction
As I can send to the Exchange MTA the problem's somewhere on the Exchange connector for the Isode MTA but I've given up trying to find where. As GillesT has been the only one to respond he gets the points.