BE 2010 Does Not Use Existing Tape in Media Set

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In Backup Exec 2010 I have specific jobs setup to use specific media sets. Job A runs on day 1 and does not find an existing tape for his media set A, so he allocates a new tape and writes the backup data to it. Then Job A runs again on day 2 with the day 1, media set A tape, which is nowhere near full, still in the library and the Overwrite Protection set to Infinite-Don't Allow Overwrite and Appendable Until set to Infinite - Allow Append.

Instead of using the existing tape in media set A, BE allocates another new tape, assigns it to media set A and writes to it. This doesn't happen every time, just often enough to annoy the crap out of me. My library holds 48 tapes and I have 5 media sets assigned to various jobs (some media sets have more than one job assigned to them - i.e. I have both DATA and Active Directory jobs that both use the DATA media set). Of these 5 media sets, 3 of them have two active, non-full tapes in play.

I don't understand why BE would allocate a new tape to the media set when there is already one in use, available and ready for append.
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Bascially, from what I have always understood, there is no set pattern in earlier verions of BE on how the tapes are selected from a media set. Starting in BE2012, "advanced device and media management" was included. This allows better control over tapes, media sets, etc. Prior to that, in 2010, it seems to have only been licensed in you purchased the "Library Expansion Option. Notes from the 2012 upgrade guide:

"Key areas of the product changed significantly

•New UI look and feel – Simplified UI design is easier to use with less actions required for most operations.
•Reduced Number of Tabs – New views for Home, Backup and Restore, Storage and Reports.
•New licensing model – The use of SLF files reduces licensing administration and clutter compared to the previous license key model.
•New Backup and Restore Workflow – New consolidated Job Definitions make protecting resources easier than ever. Reduces the time and complexity of data protection.
•New storage paradigm: Backup to Disk Folders are replaced by Disk Storage locations. Advanced Device and Media Management concepts such as Media Sets, Overwrite Protection and Append periods are still available for tape based media but have been replaced for disk based media. The simplified Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) functionality now manages tracking the retention (overwrite protection) period for disk based media. NOTE: B2D media upgraded from a previous version will honor data retention settings for the media sets they are migrated from. Disk storage location (previously B2D) data that has an expired retention could subsequently be “groomed” and deleted from the system. Please review data retention (overwrite protection) settings for individual protected resources after an upgrade to make sure they are  compliant with your data retention business requirements.
•New Simplified System Protection and Simplified Disaster Recovery – New system protection features make disaster preparedness intuitive and easy to configure. Standardized Windows PE based recovery system makes system recovery quicker and easier than in previous versions"

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