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OWA opens MEdia Player

Somehow when i open my OWA website it opens a media player instead of the actual web page ... are the mime types messed up ?  the player itself does not play/load anything. It just opens after i use my usual 
also the owa site does not come up either ... just the media player opens up..
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Do you have this in different webbrowers? Or just in 1 browser?
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What happens if you open OWA from a different computer?
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Sometimes the same thing not all the time.... I must also add that my exchange is somehow messed up .... I can no longer open emc nor exchange ps ....
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no i think that may be the cause that t is messed up...  i tried uninstalling IIS and re installing but since then exchange EMC and EPS no longer opens ... i even tried using the latest appconfig saved files and stilll no luck ... I wish there would be some type of way to restore IIS to its default...  OR maybe reinstalling Exchange... but without loosing the database/emails...  not sure if thats possible...
This all started when i tried installing the pearl extension .pl ... and that messed with the isapi. dll and somehow i got that all messed up...
Can you do a system restore to the point before you had installed the pearl extension?
i do not know how to ... that does sound like a good idea... does W2K8r2 have that on by default ?  the install happended about 1 month ago... i am not sure how long back this can be done... and also will my email since then also be set back...
You're right. There is no system restore in w2k8.
Did you create any back ups from this system? Either using the windows back up function or the Volume Shadow Copy Service?
now i had no idea such thing existed .. i will certainly from now on...  
so no chance to reinstall exchange without loosing all email / email database... ?
Don't think so. Unless someone else can help you with this. Maybe you can try to copy the all the emails and email database to another map?
oh  goodness... this gets tricky then... thank you so much for your thoughts
i fixed my problem finding that link... 

all good and wortking .... no need to resinstall... now on to backing up ...

thank you for your help ...
Thanks for your efforts and hanging in there with me on this...