Crystal if  groupname equals something then

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global currencyvar TSB10;
if GroupName ({Command.ServiceType}) = "HVAC" then
TSB10 = {#RTotal0}

This is located on the report in the group section of the report, I am getting falses and $0.00

If a groupname is equal to something this formula incorrect?
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Group header or footer?  I don't believe RTs are available before the body.

Also you could try just doing a sum as you're printing the records.

if ({Command.ServiceType}) = "HVAC"
TSB10 = TSB10  + <col that rt is calculating>

and the last thing . . . not sure if you need a :=  . . . it's been a little bit since I've had to work with crystal vars, just giving you some basic things to check.


Thanks.....all it was was := and it worked. I am still learning, thanks again

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