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Exchange 2007 EDB file size growth


We just noticed our Exchange 2007 EDB file grow by 50GB over 4 hours.

Original size is about 150 GB and has been around that for the last few months

Now the size is at 202 GB

What can explain such a rapid growth - And no, there is no way we received 50 GB in a few hours.

I'm currently just allocating more storage and moving the database - But I'm hopying it doesnt consume storage again after mounting the store.
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you may want to begin checking users mailbox size periodically, if there is an account duplicating or creating the problem you would be able to isolate it easily.

have you checked individual accounts to see if one has exploded in size?
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Yep but nothing obvious - account sized appear to be the same from my last IT report (very small growth)
Disable antivirus background check. Also it may be due to root kit as your exchange server might have been compromised.
Have you tried simply dismounting and remounting the store? That should break the connection with whatever is causing the DB growth.

Another thing you can do is download Exmon / Exchange User Monitor and see which mailboxes are recording the largest "Log Bytes" and then focus on those mailboxes, for example - move them to another DB.

You could also grab 100 transaction log files and run them through strings and see if that sheds any light on the issue:
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How did you work out that is was CRM? Did you see it in the transaction logs?
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