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Any one have any insight into this one?

Customer has a 1000-seat EA with Windows, therefore they automatically have VDA rights for all users.  Because it is acquired via Windows SA, the VDA entitlement can only be applied to workstations or laptops.  Thin clients would typically require a separate VDA subsctiption.  SO, in our situation with 1000 qualified desktops, if the customer replaces 100 desktops with thin clients, must they purchase separate VDA subscriptions for the 100 thin clients? OR would they be covered as qualified desktops under the EA, hence nothing more to buy to set up these virtual desktops?

Secondary question: Company has employees provide their own hardware, full laptops - does the company need to buy  VDA for these employee-owned machines, or can they be covered with Windows Upgrade w/SA VDA rights?

Thank you!
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Hello. Take a look here

"Thin Client Devices Still Need Licensing
Certain devices, such as thin clients, are not eligible for Software Assurance and therefore will not have Windows Virtual Desktop Access Rights. You can license such devices with a Windows VDA subscription license."


Yes, that I do understand.  My question was more specific to the EA.  If the workstations are already covered under their "qualified desktop count", then swapped out for a thin client machine during the agreement, is there an exception through the EA that allows them to be covered with VDA?  Because techincally they would have less Windows machines now, but the same quantity of qualified desktops.

Enterprise Agreement duration is 3 years with fixed annual payments per desktop. The amount covers licenses covered by the contract and upgrades to any version that appears in the three years.

If there are new PCs added over a year of the contract, contracted software can be installed immediately, legally. At the next "anniversary" you  must declare these new PCs and related software and place your order. PCs added this way shall be paid only once throughout the contract, the price is determined according to the period remaining until the end.

This is an article i found here

I translated for you the "Desfa¿urarea contractului" topic.

You could also mail Microsoft and ask them about this issue. You will get a certain answer in no time. I will look more into it
All of your answers to these questions can be found in the VDI/VDA documents from Microsoft at the link below (2 different documents);_ylu=X3oDMTE1MXNtdnNyBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMgRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA01TWUNBMDJfNzY-/SIG=13mk7g2en/EXP=1337978413/**http%3a//

In your case though the 100 users would need to purchase the VDA for the thin clients.

Your secondary questions depends.  The 100 license purchased in the 1st question would have roaming rights so basically you have 100 VDI sessions you can be running either on the thin clients or the users home machines but you would be limited to 100.

You still should check with Microsoft to be 100% though but the above links are quite helpful.



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