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Hi all,

I have a stupid problem.

Our ISP does not have an SMTP relay server, and our mail is in the clouds (Meaning it is using a sync tool to the individual mailboxes, and not SMTP technology). I need to get scan to mail working on an All-In-One scanner that does not support smtp authentication. So needless to say there is no mail server on site as all the mail is in the clouds.

Now I know Windows server 2008's IIS has a built-in SMTP server. This works great for non-local domains. I can scan to mail to any domains I want from the scanner using this SMTP relay on the Windows 2008 server in IIS, but I can’t send mail to us in the company, as the domain on the LAN is exactly the same domain used by the e-mails. Under normal circumstances one would tell Exchange (If I had Exchange) for the domain to be non-authoritative, or in Exchange 2007/10 to be an external relay domain. The whole reason we need Scan to Mail is because we need to scan documents to our self’s in PDF format. The whole scan to mail using SMTP relay in IIS works great, but how do I tell it to be non-authoritative for the locally hosted domain so the mail can be relayed to us in the clouds? At the moment it is not passing the server as it thinks it is the authoritative server for that domain when it comes to mail.

Please help.

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I don't have an answer for your question in particular but I do have a suggestion. Most devices now let you scan to file using the network. Why not utilize that feature and let users scan to a folder on the network and then from there they can attach it to emails and be done with the whole process?

For example we have a Xerox, and we set up each user with their own folder under a common share. They can scan to their folder and then just email/delete/edit the document as they wish. Keeps the email from cluttering too when someone is nice enough to scan 250 page document in full color or something similar.

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