MAC RDP Timezone Problems

Jay Schwegler
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I know this is an issue that seems to plague a lot of people, but I seem to be having some problems with people using the MAC version of RDP (the newest version) and TimeZone problems in Outlook.

Generally, it appears to work most of the time, times on e-mails and calendar appointments are correct, but every so often the send/receive time on a particular e-mail will be completley off. I know it has to do with the MAC client and TZ redirection because the PC's don't have the problem, and if I turn off the TZ redirection GPO, the problem goes away.

The problems is that I have a lot of traveling people who connect to the TS on the road and statically setting the TZ would be really inconvienent.

Anyone have any good solutions or workarounds for this?
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Could you not create a GPO to set the time zone in user configuration and link it to the TS?
There are different users from different TimeZones all working on the same server.

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