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Hoping somebody could help me with the following

I have a user with a laptop that has recently been having issue with remote desktop.

He uses terminal server so when he clicks to connect it asks for a username and a password but very occasionally will allow him to log on.

if i use his credentials from another machine all is fine.

And if i try to remote desktop to another server from his machine that to is fine.

It just seems to be this one server that will not allow him to always connect sometime it will and other times it will not.

He can ping the server etc

I have flushed the DNS on his machine not sure what else to check fo

Any Idears
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Many times an RDP connection to a server will attempt to log the person on using a local account rather than defaulting to a domain account. (machinename\username)
Have the user type his ID in using the following format and see if it works
Its ok SP2 Fixed this issue


I updated with Service Pack 2 and solved my own Issue

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