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I created a pivot chart with a Well name on the report filter.
How do I get the chart title to reflect the name change every time I select a different well on the pivot chart filter.

Thank you
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Have a cell out of the way of the pivot table that contains a reference to the report filter cell. So if your Pivot table starts in cell A2 with the filter row, then the filter field name should be in cell A2 and the result of the filter should be in cell B2. Then you would have a separate cell containing =B2, such as cell D2.

Then select the chart title by clicking on its border. Go up to the function bar and type in the reference to your cell, like =D2. That should create a dynamic chart title.

You can even construct the title to have more than just the filter result if you wanted to. Cell D2 (or wherever you put your reference) could contain something like this:
="Data for Selected Well: " & B2


That works!! thank you :)

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