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export my user accounts to a spreadsheet

Is there any way I can export my users to a spreadsheet from Active Directory.  I know you can go to the individual OU's and click export but then I have to put it all together in a spreadsheet.  I have a query for enabled users which lists all my users.  I was wondering if I can somehow export that to a file?
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Gary Dewrell
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Sure can. You can use powershell to do it.  Lot of options so I am going to give you a link.
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OK the only thing is all my users have a wrm in front of there name.  So somewhere I have to note that.
the error I'm getting is Get-ADuser not name of a cmdlet...
ARe you doing this from the DC?  What version of OS is your DC?

To do this remotely you  have to have the Active Directory cmdlets installed. See this article for how to setup your PC for remote AD management.

 or you can also download QADTools from Quest. (Free and has a lof of extra commandlets)
I have no access to the DC only AD tools.
If the DC is 2008 R2 then you can remotely do it via powershell. Follow the article I posted above.
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Leon Fester
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thanks  DSQuery did the trick.