What do your Architects use for their emails/filing system ?

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I have a medium size Architect practice, currently they are using Exchange 2003 Enterprise with Outlook 2003, the IS is about 90GB, but the waythey work is a mess, because emails related to the job can be sent to multiple architects and filed under Outlook in their own folders, theres no central point for the emails related to individual jobs, I have looked at small packages such as Oasis but they found it to be slow and filing individual email can take time, do any of you experts who manage similair pratices have a better solution or a more efficient method to deal with such ?

What I am looking for is a central location for emails, so if a user recev'd an email thats related to Job No. 1652, the new software, with a 'file' button or icon, would allow the user to click it and then ask for the job number and it will file that under the correct location ?

Thanks to all for any help, its driving me nuts on this one, as a a bonus, if one that can also deal with project files such as CAD/PSD/DOC etc within the same package, that would be a miracle.

They dont have a huge budget, may be $3000-$5000 max for 15 users (out of that, may be only 5-6 are the real heavy users).
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I think what you are describing really breaks down into two things

1) Email Archiving Solution
2) A Document Management System

Now with you budget, your likely only going to be able to afford one of the other.

To get the most out of your budget, you could consider going for a sharepoint document management system.

Such systems will not only allow you to store, categorize and file your Emails, but other file types as well.



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