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ubuntu 12 does not recognize two monitors

I installed Ubuntu 12 on my hdd and for some reason, only one monitor is available.  I went into the monitor area and there's no way to "add" the other monitor.  Any assistance is appreciated.  Thank you, Mark88
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This looks like it might be relevant, but I dont know yet how to get to that "nvidia-settings" window.
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I think you need to install the NVIDIA drivers.
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Enter "Additional Drivers" in the Dash search bar and you should see app. Start that App and if there are legacy video drivers available for your hardware they should be shown in there and you should be able to install them.
In there it says the recommended nvidia driver is installed and that if I use another, the desktop and other stuff wont work.
If that is installed then there should also be an nvidia setup or configuration utility installed. I don't know what it is called so you'll have to search for it. When you find it, start it and in that tool you can setup multiple monitors. You can then save the xorg file it creates an copy that file to /etc/X11. To copy it you'll have to use "sudo" because you need root privileges for that.
No nvidia utility anywhere in there, so I chose the other choice in the list "version current updates" and "activated" that.  No changes.  No nvidia utils anywhere.
open a terminal and type :

sudo aptitude install nvidia-current
Sorry for the long response time, but I had to get a PC together with an nvidia card I could try ubuntu on first.On my PC as with yours, the drivers had already been installed. If I enter "nv" in the search area, I'm shown an "NVIDIA X Server Settings" Utility under Applications. Just start that tool and you can change the settings. In that app there is "X Server Display Configuration". Within that section you can make the 2nd display active, and you can also set how the two displays should be used (Twinview mode to extend the desktop, which side of the original display the new one should be etc).
I dont know why, but I dont have that nvidia utility.  That's a little odd.
Can you make a screenshot of what is shown in the "Additional Drivers" tool and attach that?
Sure, hold on.....
How do I do a screenshot in ubuntu?  I know how to on my win 7 install but not ubuntu.
To take a screenshot of an open window, select it then press "Shift+Printscreen" together. To take a screenshot of the desktop, just press printscreen.

You can then insert the printscreen into the Gimp or similar utility and save it as a jpg or similar file.
Sorry, it is "Alt+Printscreen" and not "Shift+printscreen".
same as in windows.  huh.
Here's the video settings
User generated imagevideo settings
I was thinking of the display you have in the "Additional Drivers" tool.
Thanks. I needed that to make sure you really do have an nVidia card in your PC and the driver is installed. That is the case.

As the nVidia legacy drivers can't work with the normal Linux configuration tool (the first screenshot you posted), it includes it's own utility and that should get automatically installed when the legacy driver is used like in your case. So I really can't tell why you can't find that nVidia utility on your system. Maybe it just hasn't been added to the Ubuntu menu system.

Try the following:

Open a terminal and enter the command below to change the directory:

cd /usr/bin

then enter the following command to try starting the tool manually:

sudo ./nvidia-settings

If the tool starts, then try using it to enable and setup the 2nd monitor.

If that still doesn't start the tool because it can't find it, try the following, within the terminal move to another directory:

cd /usr/lib/nvidia-settings/bin

sudo nvidia-settings

I hope that then starts the tool.
Ok I'll try this.  Stand by....
Still looking into this...........
working on it.............
Rindi, you still there?  Sorry it took me so long to respond, so I apologize for that.
Plz advise.... Thank you, Mark88
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Reinstalling is the only thing that worked.