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Is there some way to look at a field in layout mode  that has the relationship indicator :: and see what table the data is related to?
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President, Dedication Technologies, Inc.
If you simply double-click on the field it should open the field selection dialog which will show you the name of the related table at the top and all available fields in that table. The following screen shot if from a FileMaker Pro 8.5 Template file and in this case the related table is called "Registration Events ID"

Select related field


Thanks, so much faster than right-click........ each time.
Is it the same procedure for later versions of filemaker?( we may be updating)
Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.

Yes, the same functionality is in all later (and I think all earlier) versions.

If you are going to update to FileMaker 12, be aware that there is a file format change from .fp7 to .fmp12  Once you go to 12 you can't go back and you can't open fmp12 files with earlier versions of FM as you have been able to do with FM7-FM11. All users must be using version 12 or later and FM Server must also be updated to FMS 12.

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