HP EliteBook 8730W won't boot

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We have a HP EliteBook 8730W with XP Pro.

If we boot the laptop normally, it get past WinXP screen and then goes blank

If we try and go into safe mode, it hangs at hpdskflt.sys

If we try last known good, screen goes blank.

Tried booting from XP cd and blue screened.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Kyle DaviesRetail Software Specialist

Try and run a memory test as well as HDD test's and see it could be memory or the HDD that is faulty you can download this tool that has the programmes to test with: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/download.html
That error code refers to the HP disk protection called 3d driveguar for when the unit is moving it will park the HDD heads.  So the error could just be a random software error or you could have an actual HDD problem.

So breaking this up i would check the HDD physically by using the diagnostics in the bios.  If that passes and you need to do a reload then you may need to do the following:

go into the bios
to System COnfiguration
go to device configuration
change the HDD mode to IDE.

The reason is by default windows xp media does not contain the necessary sata drivers to actually launch windows install properly.  The only way around this is to switch to IDE mode  and use your current media or you can 'slipstream' the SATA drivers into a standard XP install CD basically you make a copy of the CD with the new drivers installed and put it onto new media there are documents on the web regarding this.

.  The HP Media as long as it is recent would already have the drivers added so that is your other option and also since the HP media for notebooks is sent with a basic OS CD/DVD and a separate drivers DVD you can use media for other HP notebooks that again are newer.

Hope that helps.
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running memtest86+ for ram, and Disk diag for your disk brand is a good first step

you can also test the hardware is ok (except disk) by booting from a live cd, like Knoppix :

post diag results!

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