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SBS - Member server replication & communication problems

Hello Experts,

I have a network running an SBS box (DC) and member server on another site used for replicating AD and hosting files.  This morning, users in site 2 could not connect to network shares or Outlook until I rebooted the server there, logged them out, logged in as the administrator and then logged them back in again.  When they logged in previously no network shares had worked and when I tried the \\sbs or \\memberserver it failed yet I could browse via the IP address.  I also noticed that Outlook demanded a user/password and in some cases came up with a windows firewall notification.  These are all details to add to the pot....ther route of the problem I believe follows....

On both servers I am seeing various errors....

4 - Kerberos
5 - Kerberos
1030 - Userenv
1053 - Userenv (every 5 mintues)
1058 - Userenv

Both times are identical, dates and timezones included and I can browse from \\sbs to \\memberserver but not from \\memberserver to \\sbs.

I have inlcluded the DCDIAG....

I am fairly confident that forcing the removal of \\memberserver and rejoining will help but I wanted to know a bit more about this problem if possible.  If there are alternatives I would like to hear them.  I know that there is a stale server still in the SITES AND SERVICES which is referred to in the attachment, I also know that MEMBERSERVER currently sits in the wrong SITE but that has not caused any problems for the last year or so....all problems started yesterday.  Also system time of 2005 is due to power failure on the DC a month or so ago which has now been resolved, but I wondered if this had played a part.


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So your SBS is 2003?  Is the SSL certificate valid?  (self-signed certs are only valid for 5 years and it may have expired)

If that's not it, please make sure all directory services are started correctly on your SBS.
Check out this KB article if that is an issue:

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Hi jeff,

Thanks for the reply.

The cert has not long been renewed....and yes it's 2003.

Not sure where you are coming from with the link as I am able to browse directory services?  Since post I have rebooted the member server and have moved it to the proper site in Sites And Services.  The change has not replicated to Sites And Services on the member server and I still can;t browse the DC from the member server (yet I can browse things the other way around and clients on the same site as the member server seem okay?)

do you think I should go with the removal of the member server by running dcpromo and then joining up again?  Or am I missing something in your link?

Much appreciated

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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasy
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thanks and so sorry for the my accounts mixed up