Access window Maximizes whenever I click on the "Next Record"

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I have an application built by an EE guru. Master Yoda otherwise known as mlmcc.

One thing that the application does is whenever we restore down or shrink the window down to a manageable size so that I can look through records.

However unfortunately when I click the Next Record arrow it immediately MAXIMIZES the window full screen and I cannot see the records I need to see......why because I am using remote desktop.

I need to know if there is a way o control the windows so that they do not default to Maximize whenever I click the next record. Please advise if this is possible thank you.
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That shouldn't happen automatically.  It sounds like there is code in the current event of your form doing this.

Open the code for the Current Event (and also the Open Event) and look for the following line, and remove it if present:

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<I have an application built by an EE guru. Master Yoda otherwise known as mlmcc.>
"Built", in an EE Question, or built for you personally?
If in an EE Question, ...then please provide the link.

My guess is that mbizup's post is the answer here.
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Excellent....thank you.

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