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When creating a pivot table is it possible to suppress the legend which appears at the top Left e.g. Count of <whatever field> etc if so, how.  Ideally I would like to know the VBA for this, or alternatively just what to do in the interface so I can run a macro and find out.
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I am not sure this can be done - What I have done in the past is make the text the same colour as the background to hide it - You can also rename it but you will notice the change in the Field List
The field description can't be null (no text), but you can label it with just a space, which will be invisible regardless of color formatting. I usually rename it anyway, as I find the "Count of" or "Sum of" wording awkward.

Also, if you have more than one field in the data area, you'll initially get them placed awkwardly one above the next, but you can drag the "Data" label over into the column header area, and that will move the values description over to be a column header. It can be easier to understand the data if the column itself is labeled rather than having the label off to the side. It does add an extra "Data" label to the top of the layout though, which itself can be replaced with a space or with blended formatting.
Thanks for your input folks

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