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VMware ESXi v4 Snapshot Removal Stuck at 99%

We are running VMware ESXi v4 on a physical server utilitizing iSCSI storage. I realized last night that one of our virtual hosts had some snapshots from a few months ago. Not wanting them to get out of control I decided to delete all snapshots beginning at 9:16 PM last evening. The virtual host was powered down to do this to speed up the process however I was shocked to find this task still running this morning when I arrived at the office. It has been running for over 12 hours now and seems to be stuck at 99%. Can anyone help me to determine if it is still running or if it's locked up please?

Here is the current state of the disk files for this host:
Disk1: disk size=100GB, snapshot delta=608.20MB
Disk2: disk size=40GB, no snapshot
Disk3: disk size=100GB, snapshot delta=6.52GB
Disk4: disk size=80GB, snapshot delta=16MB
Disk5: disk size=500GB, snapshot delta=130.91GB
Disk6: disk size=500GB, no snapshot

Your help is greatly appreciated.
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I know how snapshots work but I've never had it take this long to commit the delta data back to the base disk. I just wish I had some sort of feedback from ESXi to tell me it's working and how long to expect it to finish.
Oh, an VMware's knowledgebase is down for maintenance today (of all days).
Yes, I'm aware this KB is down, we have a local copy here, on a flash drive, we take around with us.

Personally, I would wait for 24 hours.

what's the datastore? RAID x? SATA or SAS, iSCSI, Jumbo Frames?

total size of snapshots?
iSCSI on gigabit Ethernet with jumbo frames. Only 138GB snapshots
datastore? RAID x? SATA?

have you checked esxtop and any traffic on iSCSI?
It's an 8 spindle RAID6 LUN with SAS drives. I can't run exstop as that requires SSH access and this is ESXi (with SSH disabled).

There's plenty of iSCSI traffic however I also have other servers as well that are active.
okay RAID6 is not particular fast, check the datastore for any changes.

if you have committed 138GB of snapshots before, and it was faster, its always possible its hung. But you would be more familiar with the performance of your rig than I.

check the vmware.log in vm folder, as you have no access to console, you cannot tail the logs for activity, so you would have to download from vSphere Client and vCenter.
Two of the delta files (Disk3:6.52GB, Disk4:16MB) have been committed to the base disks so progress is being made; just very, very slowly.  I still have the 608MB and 130GB delta files to commit.

The vmware.log file hasn't been modified since last evening even though the changes above were just committed a few hours ago. The VM's configuration file has been changed recently (as expected) to account for the change above.

How did you download the KB? Scraping or some less messy way?