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Check for a table from Excel that may exit in ACCESS 2003

I have a function, fntDoesObjectExit, in an ACCESS 2003 database.  It checks for the object, in this case a table, and if it exsits, deletes it.  But how can I get Excel to run this line of code?  I need it to run just before the table creation code in an Excel module.  what I have now works, if the table does not exist, but if does, the code throws an error.  Below is the code at it stands now.


    'Set database name and DB connection string--------
    strDBPath = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("MainMenu").Range("B1")
    strConnectString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & strDBPath & ";"
    'Connect Database; insert a new table
    Set objConnection = New ADODB.Connection
    With objConnection
        .Open strConnectString
''If fntDoesObjectExist("tblTEMPKMQuantitites", "Table") Then DoCmd.DeleteObject acTable, "tblTEMPKMQuantities")
        .Execute "CREATE TABLE tblTEMPKMQuantities ([KMID] text(10), " & _
                 "[Quantity] Long, " & _
                 "[Description] text(150), " & _
                 "[KMDate] Date, " & _
                 "[UserID] text(15))"
        .Execute "INSERT INTO tblTEMPKMQuantities ( KMID, Description, KMDate, UserID)" & _
                 "SELECT tblKM.KMID, tblKM.Description, #" & dteDate & "#, '" & gstrUserId & "' " & _
                 "FROM tblKM WHERE tblKM.Active = -1 AND tblKM.DeptID = " & intDeptID
    End With
    Set objConnection = Nothing
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I have the function, fntDoesObjectExist, but this is in an If statement - or perhaps I don't understand what you are trying to tell me.

Helen, I got it.  I realized I need to put it in the code that first opens the database before running the CreateKMTemptable procedure.  Works, thank you.