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Blue screen Windows xp when trying to watch video

I have a user whose computer blue screens and then restarts whenever a video is on the screen. It happens in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. I don't have to be watching any video, I could just be on a page that has one and it'll blue screen. What I've done so far is remove the memory module and replace it in the other slot, and uninstall the 'Sunbelt Enterprise Agent'. I had found a few web sites that said this would fix the problem, but it didn't. Any ideas?
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I'd check and upgrade the video card driver first.
I'd agree with techhealth about upgrading the video driver or at least reinstalling it.

You may also want to determine if the videos are all in a certain format such as flash.  However, usually blue screen errors have to do with hardware issues over software.
Look for and Zip your last 3 minidump files (*.dmp, usually located in C:\Windows\Minidump, it's a hidden directory), then attach the zip file in your next message.
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Here's the log files, I'll still have to try uninstalling the driver.
Check whether re-installing the flash player could help (and also check if you are using an old version or the current one).

Also make sure your OS has all the updates installed.
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There isn't any flash animation on this screen. I've checked and updated the OS (it only had updates for IE 8) I've updated the flash and shockwave drivers, but it still BSOD. I can't even get to the settings fast enough when I go to youtube, so I can't turn off the acceleration.
Un-Install your flash Player and try gnash instead, maybe it helps...:
I uninstalled the flash player and downloaded the gnash, but now I can't get videos to play on youtube (but it has BSOD yet either). I am not sure which .exe file to use so I tried all of them, then checked my control panel and it doesn't appear to have installed. There are 5 .exe files:

I tried running all of them. They would open a command prompt for a few seconds then be done??
First uninstall the flash players. If they are already uninstall then run the following uninstalltion utility from Adobe which would remove any file or folder left behind after the uninstall.

Then install the latest flash player, below are the 32 and 64 bit version for both IE and non-IE browsers.
32 bit


Once installed go the following page and disable hardware acceleration
I just tried YouTube in chrome and got BSOD, I restarted in safe mode and everything worked fine. So I disabled the acceleration. Now I'm trying it in normal mode. It worked! With the acceleration turned off I was able to get a video to play in Chrome without BSOD. Now I'm reinstalling the flash player for IE and I'll make sure the acceleration is still turned off. It works in IE and Firefox too.
Thanks for all the help!