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Larry Brister
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I have no experience with SSIS and how they interract with Jobs in 2005 at all.

In my Job "Step" I see that the "Package" Location(??) is
\Email Processing\Email Blast Import
WHen I browse the SSIS packages with the ... button I see a "file system?" in the popup.

Where is that defined...or located?
In other the SSIS deployed to a location on the server, and the server "reads" to primary package and any "child packages"

Or is that popup an actual file system?
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If you select "file system", then you will need to provide a fully pathed filename of an SSIS  (dtsx) package.  That filepath must be accessible to whatever SQL Agent is running your job; however, that does not necessrily mean that it has to be on the same server as the database, although that is actually a rather common practice.  

The thing is, if you have a file server (lets call it \\FileServer for example) where you put your SSIS packages for all servers and then you schedule a job on your Production server (let's cll that \\Prod01) and there is any kind of network issue between \\Prod01 and \\FileServer, then your job will fail.  That network issue could be anything from the connection being down to \\FileServer being down to the SQL Agent not having permission to access the specific file to someone pumping a lot of data across the network and causig a time out for \\Prod01.

One the other hand, if you have the SSIS package on the same server where as the database instance with the job that is using the SSIS package, then there is no network issue.  You do still have to make sure that the SQL Agent being used has access to the folder, though.

Now, that being said, there is also the possibility to have the SSIS Package deployed to the database instance.  You can also depoy the SSIS Configurations to the instance/database (usually the msdbs database).  That makes the packages and the configurations just a little bit more secure.
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I think your package is deployed to the MSDB database.  What does Package Source say (in the job step)?

Assuming I'm right, the "Select an SSIS Package" popup that you see shows the list of packages deployed organized in a tree structure.

Your package is called "Email Blast Import" and is located in the "Email Processing" folder in the MSDB.

To further verify you could use the Management Studio to connect to your SSIS server (no instance name, just server) and open up the "Stored Packages" node.
Larry Bristersr. Developer


Great information

Thanks guys

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