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DVD Video creator open source (freeware)works perfect

Dear Experts,

Could you let me know if there is open source (freeware) DVD Video disk creator including DVD menu creating feature?

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Windows Vista + 7 Home Premium and above have Windows DVD Maker built in which might be suitable. Just type DVD in the Start menu.  I've used it a couple of times for recorded TV shows and it does the trick.
Cool, I never knew that.  Does it come with the source code though?
It's included in the price of the OS, so if you have it, it won't cost any more to use it.  It's Microsoft so unsurprisingly not open source.
OK, ta.  The only reason I asked was because this seems to be a requirement of the questioner...
True, but what people ask for and what they want are not always the same thing  (especially in IT)  ;)