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Which version is the safest and most secure to use for a web application?  Is Debian one of the better options?

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All major Linux distributions would do but Red Hat family is really good.  Get CentOS, it makes a wonderful web server and it is free.  If you want support, you can get Red Hat.


So all would be pretty secure and have bug limitations?  Also what about Apache, I'm guessing that would be the same on all.  I did see some bugs/security issues in that app that are not fully resolved.  We will be using the LAMP platform.
Apache is same but their configuration files have a totally different format.
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My bias is in favor of Red Hat family (Red Hat, CentOS, Scientific and Fedora).  For web server and LAMP there are ideal.  It is due to the reason that I have seen only Red Hat to be working so well in the huge telecom industry with state of the art technology and data/network volume that no other company can ever have.
Red Hat/CentOS are thoroughly tested for bugs so you will not have to worry about that.  Fedora might have some because they use the latest software which is relatively unsafe and lesser tested but users have great experience with it as well.
Debian should work also, but it's all up to preference.  You could even run it on Ubuntu, which is based off Debian.

Fedora runs on testing code for experimentation and is not recommended for production servers.  Redhat is used by the industry because the big companies like to pay for service contracts.  CentOS is based off Redhats open source code, but they are sometimes a little behind in patches.

Pick the one that you know how to admin.  If you're just learning, pick the Linux that you can help on from nearby sources.

Apache should be the same on all of them and the configuration files should be the same if you use the same version of apache.

LAMP is shorthand for Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python.  The Linux in LAMP can be any distribution.  There's other variations like WAMP(Windows), MAMP(Mac) and OAMP(OpenBSD).

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