Can I use Cisco AnyConnect VPN client Windows 7 64 bit with ICS?

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I am installing Cisco VPNAnyconnet on several laptops and been successful. BUT, when I got to my bosses laptop I began having issues and after searching through EE articles, I discovered it was directly related internet connection sharing or ICS. Once I disabled the service and rebooted, I was able to install the client software fine and everything works. My question is; Can I configure his Windows 7 64 bit laptop to use CiscoAnyconnect 2.5.3055 and still offer him the ICS service? Right now, I am not able to connect his VPN if I start the service
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First of all, is there a really good reason why ICS is being used?  I find it hard to understand why, when everything you buy has it's own connectivity, you would use this.

But, in short, it won't work.  The VPN client creates an endpoint tunnel to one interface.  ICS uses a pseudo-interface for the clients connected through it that is not related to the VPN endpoint's interface.  This is how it is supposed to work - otherwise, you would not have a secure tunnel if you effectively allow the "man in the middle" for ICS.


ok thanks, No we really do not need ICS but I wanted to have an good explanation as to why my boss cannot have "all" services available. You have given me the answer I need...thanks again
You going to hook him up with the points? That is why we are all on here doing this!!!

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