How Does Quad Channel Memory work?

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I have a mobo with 8 slots. (4 on each side)

If I were to buy memory, how would I insert it to make it run in quad? That brings up the question how many sticks does it need to run in quad?

I was looking at a memory kit that has 4 sticks, is it possible to make it run in quad with 4 sticks? Or does quad mean 8 sticks 4 on each side?
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To run in quad you need to insert four identical sticks of RAM,

Motherboards that support dual/quad will usually be color coded.

For instance an 8 slot board with have 4 blue slots, and 4 red, for example.

In my experience you insert the memory in the first, third, fifth & seventh slots.

PS. the memory will have to be identical, memory speeds etc.



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