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I am using Wyse thin cleints with XP sp3 embedded. Our Qualysguard scanner is detecting them as Windows 2000. First, why is the scanner seeing them as the older OS. Secondly, what can I do to fix this.
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There could be two reasons for it, first since it is embedded system so when Vulnerability scanner probe it the packets returned by the operating system would be different from what it would expect.
Second reason could be the "Qualysguard scanner's" ability to detect the OS. Since for any new system or new OS the scanner should have its information saved in its Database. In this case it is giving its best match which is close to windows 2000 and not close to Windows XP.

You may ask the vendor to check for that.

Further you could also do the OS fingerprinting scan with "nmap" which is freely avialable for on Linux, to check if that gives you different result.

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