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Dell M6600 + USB 3 Hard Disk Dock Recognition Problem

I have a Dell M6600 running window 7 Pro x64 that has 2 x USB 3 ports.  M6600 has latest BIOS A09 and drivers per Dell support site.  However a StarTech USB 3 Hard Disk Dock (SATDOCK22U3S) is not recognised by the M6600 (OK on USB 2 and on another system with USB 3 ports so the device is functional).

Dell support have not been particularly helpful by repeating continuously that this is a third party product and USB 3 is very new and as long as a USB mouse works on the port then the StarTeck must be the problem, etc, etc.  They also suggested that I should see if StarTech had any updated drivers for the HDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone have any experience with this kit?

All suggestions welcome.
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Afraid so, what Dell is telling you is probably correct.  Reach out to Startech.
I built a new computer hoping to avoid that issue, but my USB3 didn't even work until I updated driver three times.
that is what happens to explorers, they get lost.  :)
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I'd try another USB 3 device on both ports (if possible) to eliminate hardware issues,

I'd re-install the USB 3 drivers, also make sure the chip set drivers etc on your machine are up to date.

This does sound like a software issue,
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Thanks for your quick reply.

I have already e-mailed StarTech but about compatibilty only.  HDD (all the one's I have encountered anyway) use Windows 7 native drivers and I have tried all the drivers for the USB 3 controller from Renesas from the Dell approved version to the latest available from Renesas - the USB 3 controller is an NEC/Renesas one but without success.

Thanks again.
Hello ZeelSol

Thanks for your reply.

I have done all that and yes the Chipset is the latest.
My issue was with a PCI card to connect a 20 pin header to my Antec case and it used a Renesas driver.  I ended up trashing that card after several driver updates from manufacturer and buying a new card.
I feel your pain, hang in there perhaps Startec will come through
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The device worked ok with USB 3.0 on another machine, so this leaves the problem with the Dell M6600.  Everything points to the USB 3.0 implementation or the drivers.  Here's a post that lists the same problem, but the driver for a possible fix seems to be gone:

Intel's site has the latest driver:
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