Windows 7 64 Bit VPN access through PIX 501

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Have been using a Cisco PIX 501 for years in a small office to provide VPN access and has worked fantastic.  Using the Cisco VPN client software for access.

Have a couple new machines with Windows 7 64 and the Cisco VPN client software will not install - not compatible.  The onlyl thing I can find is AnyConnect for Windows 7 but says it's only supported by the ASA and not eh PIX IOS.

I am sure I am missing something, just not sure what.  I would prefer to stay with the PIX vs. implementing an ASA to support AnyConnect.  Is there a Cisco VPN client software that supports Windows 7 64?

Found a support case at Cisco that says VPN client supports 64 bit WIndows 7 but a request for the details on version was never responded to.  I have a SmartNet agreement so should be able to download if there really is one.

Thanks for your assistance.
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You could look at Cisco VPN Client v5.0.7.

Or try an alternative client like shrewsoft available for free at for example.  .


On the Cisco VPN download page - here is the latest version listed:

VPN Client Software for x86 64-bit version of Vista and Windows 7 - Microsoft Installer  
vpnclient-winx64-msi-   from 15-March 2011

Before, this is all I could find:

VPN Client Software for x86 32-bit version of XP/Vista/Windows 7 - Microsoft Installer  

Looks like the first one might be the one.  If not, will maybe look into a third party offering.

Will try install of file this evening and post back with results.


Installed on 3 different Win 7 64 machines and working flawlessly.  Thanks.

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