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We have an Exchange 2010 server that we're having trouble installing the CAS and Hub Transport roles on.  Traces of each role were installed, but not in their entirety.  Given the circumstances, what's the best way to rebuild the server?  Was considering setup /m:RecoverServer, but not sure if this would address a situation where the Hub and CAS roles may not be installed in their entirety in Active Directory.  Thanks.
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Can you setup a 2nd exchange server, move mailboxes and whatnot to that and decommission it?
Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
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CAS/HUB servers aren't as tricky to remove as a mailbox database server. If you have existing exchange servers, look through the list of CAS and HUB servers from the EMC on one of those to see if those servers are listed. If they are, you should be able to remove them from there as well. If they aren't, then the AD objects and configurations weren't completed and it should be safe to rebuild those servers from scratch.
Ended up rebuilding server with different media.  Resolved issue.
Resolved on own.

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