Why is a mapped network drive showing up twice

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I have a lengthy vb script which runs and maps all network shares based on AD membership.
This was recently changed to a .bat which runs upon login.

However the questions remains only one network folder is showing up twice.

any way for me to resolve this?
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Within your script do you have an asterisk defined?


net use * \\server\share

Cleanest method in my opinion is the use Drive Map Preference using a GPO to map network drives.
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It may be a persistent mapping.
Run net use * /d as the first command in your .bat file

You can test it directly from your existing session.
So open a cmd prompt and run the batch file from \\domain\netlogon

If that works and the drive still gets mapped after a restart then you could have the drive mapped in an alternative method like gpo or some other startup script.

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