Thousands of Duplicate Meetings

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I have a user that somehow managed to create close to 6,000 duplicates of a meeting invitation to a large group of people.  Is there any way in Exchange 2010 shell to remove these duplicate items without sending a meeting cancellation for each one of them?  He's running Outlook 2010 SP1.

Right now the only solution I know of is to move the entries to another calendar folder, then delete the calendar folder, but the process is manual, and each item requests I click OK to "responses to this meeting will not be tallied...", my finger is getting tired of clicking that!

Thanks all!
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This can happen on ocassion. Especially if the user is syncing their outlook with a mobile device.

Thankfully, this happens often enough there are tools specifically designed to remove duplicates

SliStick has a great resource of the MainStream Tools for this job and should save you alot of finger action


I didn't get a chance to try the tool -- while waiting for a response I decided to do all the clicking and read up on scuba diving on the other monitor lol, but yeah, a utility approach looks like the only solution.  Surprising that Microsoft hasn't delved deeper into this.  Thanks!
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God thats funny!

Like the honesty

Hopefully the user wont come back complaining some appointments were "accidentally" missed / deleted.

At least you will be able to give them a SCUBA lesson, to make up for it.

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