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Thousands of Duplicate Meetings

I have a user that somehow managed to create close to 6,000 duplicates of a meeting invitation to a large group of people.  Is there any way in Exchange 2010 shell to remove these duplicate items without sending a meeting cancellation for each one of them?  He's running Outlook 2010 SP1.

Right now the only solution I know of is to move the entries to another calendar folder, then delete the calendar folder, but the process is manual, and each item requests I click OK to "responses to this meeting will not be tallied...", my finger is getting tired of clicking that!

Thanks all!
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I didn't get a chance to try the tool -- while waiting for a response I decided to do all the clicking and read up on scuba diving on the other monitor lol, but yeah, a utility approach looks like the only solution.  Surprising that Microsoft hasn't delved deeper into this.  Thanks!
God thats funny!

Like the honesty

Hopefully the user wont come back complaining some appointments were "accidentally" missed / deleted.

At least you will be able to give them a SCUBA lesson, to make up for it.