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I need to setup one of our retail stores with wireless access so that our sales staff can checkout customers via handheld devices (Ipod,Ipad), just like the Apple store.

I need a high powered high range access points. Something that the professionals use to setup as high demand units.

Do you guys have any recommendations on these types of devices and where I may purchase them?
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I'd seriously look at the Apple Airport Extreme. We were using high end AP's in our environment and kept having issues with them. I decided to switch to the AE and have never looked back. They support all the current certified wireless protocols, are flexible and very robust. We have three in our building. One is for guest Internet access only, but the other two are on the same internal SSID and we can provide coverage over our entire building with these two. They work with any wireless device that supports the proper WiFI protocols and encryptions.
Glen KrinskySystems Administrator
CISCO Valet products are also perfect for this situation.  Easy setup and managment with the included software.  I had an old Linksys wireless router die earlier this year and replaced it with the Valet and have been EXTREEMLY satisfied.  The device itself is also fairly small and unobtrusive.  It is white in color which makes it blend well into most retail store decor.  It is fast running the 808.11 n protocol as well as g, and has good range.  With any wireless products besure you cover your area well.  It would become very frustrating for a customer to have to repeat their checkout because the signal was lost switching from one WAP to another with a dead spot in between.
HP Procurve enterprise networking devices come with a lifetime guarantee.  And if one of your products breaks and they can't replace it with an equivalent model, you get the next generation equivalent instead.

I worked at a community college and all of our computers, monitors, printers, servers, and networking gear (switches, routers, and wireless APs) were manufactured by HP; it proved to be a very reliable and robust system.
All of the above solutions are good and you should look at them.

I favor Ubiquiti UniFi A/Ps They are really inexpensive and highly reliable. One great feature is that you only need to connect the first one to your network. The rest will relay wirelessly.

You can create a map in the management tool so you can see where each one is and manage it.
It also has wireless hotspot capability. They work great in retail and hospitality sectors.
Check out ubnt.com for details



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