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Converting simple batch file to PowerShell

I need this batch file process as a PowerShell script... Please..

echo ftp download...
echo off
erase somefile1. 
erase somefile1.z
erase somefile2. 
erase somefile2.z
ftp -s:\testfolder\
gzip -d somefile1
gzip -d somefile2

4print -1 -u -fn -s -loren -mf -olpt2: C:\testfolder\somefile2

Copy C:\DDC\somefile2 somefile2.txt

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The file is the information to log into the FTP server to download the files.

cd ftp_in
lcd C:\testfolder
prompt n
get somefile1.Z
get somefile2.Z

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You should be able to copy what yu have written in the batch file into a .ps1 file, simply changing echo to Write-Host, erase to Remove-Item and Copy to Copy-Item.  In fact in many cases there are DOS compatible aliases for the PowerShell cmdlets that perform the same tasks.  All external programs (the .exes) work in exactly the same way in PowerShell as they do in the DOS environment.

Is there some specific PowerShell functionality that you want to implement or are you simply wanting to move into the PowerShell world?
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Thank you for your input. My goal, ultimately, is to move into the PowerShell world. I will try your suggestion sometime today.
Here is my PS1 script:
Write-Host ftp download...
Write-Host off
Remove-Item somefile1. 
Remove-Item somefile1.z
Remove-Item somefile2. 
Remove-Item somefile2.z
ftp -s:\testfolder\
gzip -d somefile1
gzip -d somefile2

4print -1 -u -fn -s -loren -mf -olpt1: C:\testfolder\ugsu1005

Copy-Item C:\testfolder\somefile2 somefile2.txt

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And it returned this error:
Bad numeric constant: 4.
At C:\testfolder\test.ps1:12 char:2
+ 4 <<<< print -1 -u -fn -s -loren -mf -olpt1: C:\testfolder\somefile2
    + CategoryInfo          : ParserError: (4:String) [], ParseException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : BadNumericConstant

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4PRINT is a DOS application that is in the path statement on the server the script is run on.
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As always Qlemo has provided a correct solution to my problem!!