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Office 365 vs hosted exchange

Hi Experts,
I have a customer for whom we have already created 10 hosted exchange accounts with a decent supplier, we are now looking creating another 25-35 users with hosted exchange. But the ustomer has asked about Office 365 , as that seems to be a better bundle. Just want to know what people recommend. If exchange on 365 fairly comprable, if Office 365 a better choice. The client already has (several different ) versions of office on their desktops so is looking at the Mid business lite version which features online word/ excel files only.
Any advice appreciated. We would prefer hosted exchange only but need to have a compelling case!
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In office360 you have + all office in E3 and have customized console for exchange. I have tested it in E3 mode with AD synch but i don't like admin interface so we didn't deployed it.

See comapr plans 

and just compare price with cruet solution. But as we know we are admins so we like to have controls an our admin console. If some thing microsoft don't wanted in office360 you have no chance how to do there.
It depends heavily on what the Hosted Exchange provider gives you. Level of control, support level, etc. all play a major role here. Office365 has some impressive integration and Single Sign On capabilities that are likely not available with Hosted Exchange. You may, however, be able to get faster support with the Hosted Exchange environment, since you're not getting lost in the sea of Office365 subscribers.
Office 365 is great.  Theres no reason to go to any other company to get Micrososfts Exchange 10 platform from a 3rd party.  Even with the cheapest plans you have helpdesk support and the 365 community support as well.  Plus you have the seamless intergration with premise exchange 10 and hosted exchange 10, for eneterprise hybrid scenarios.  Also the 365 data centers are ISO, FISMA, and any other certified datacenter credential you can think of data center.  No one esle meets those standards for your hosted email.  check out the 365 trust center below.  Also any third party your going to is going to charge more money than micrososft because thats where there getting the exchange 10 platform from.  All of our customers love 365, its night and day better than BPOS.  Im sorry I couldnt make your case for hosted exchange from another vendor.  Trust me this will become the standard for hosted exchange and down the road every customer will want to be migrated to it from whatever hosted platform there on now, whether it be price of service or another reason.  Take a look at the link about there data centers and make the right decision.  Good Luck
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It certainly did mate, thanks very much for your input