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Change color of autoshape in vba

I have a spreadsheet with a few autoshapes, and I want the user to be able to change the color in one cell, press a button to run my code, and have all the autoshapes change to the color in the cell.  I wanted to try this for one autoshape to begin with, but I'm running into a weird problem.

I have the following code

Dim Color as Integer
Color = Sheets("My Sheet").Cells(1,"A").Interior.ColorIndex
ActiveSheet.Shapes("AutoShape 2").Fill.ForeColor.SchemeColor = Color

So if I change the color in Cell 1, A to red, I get the corret ColorIndex set as my integer, however, it does not change the autoshape color to red.  It seems to blend the red with the previous color.  While this might not be what is actually happening, I can tell you that the color is changed, but it is not to red.
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