Outlook for Mac 2011 not connecting through Verizon USB Modem

Vince Glisson
Vince Glisson used Ask the Experts™
I have a Mac Book Pro, OSX Lion, Office for Mac 2011.

When the MBP is connected through ethernet send/receive email works fine.

When the MBP is connected to a WIFI (inside or outside of our domain) send/receive email works fine.

When MBP is connected through Verizon USB Modem (4G LTE) then Outlook says "Connecting..." and send/receive doesn't work, can still get to the internet it just won't send/receive email.

Hoping someone here has a solution or some ideas to try...

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Does the internet otherwise work using the USB modem? Do you have Mac drivers for the uSB modem? If not, it likely won't work at all on a Mac.


Internet works on the modem...
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are you connecting to a vpn? if so, have you selected send all traffic over VPN connection in the connection's options?
also, have you checked the console for anything output by outlook coinciding with your failed send/receive attempts?


No VPN...where do I find the console (under utilities)...

2nd Line Engineer
looks to me like you have configured your outlook with local server username and password. The reason i say that is because wirelessly and wired you are fine but when you connect to dongle which is not on your network you have this issue.

you need to configure your outlook with external IP/DNSname of your email server and it will work fine then


That was it. When setting this up on the mac i let it auto detect (while connected to the domain), this pulled in the server name which was a .local, i used the external dns name at it now works fine.


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