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Good morning,

We need a list of the in-column databases available on the market, both open-source and proprietary, and comparison reports that enhance the differences of the products in terms of performances and reliability.

Thank you in advance
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What is an in-column database?

Based on your other question can I assume you mean not in-memnory?
Jim HornSQL Server Data Dude
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:: blank stare ::

Please re-state your question in a simplified version of English, and state for us whether this is homework or not.
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Have you tried searching for the answer?  This is one of the first links I found with a simple web search:


Good morning,

We are interested in in-column database technology, so we would like to analyze different database vendor offers, pro and cons, and comparison reports that could help us to better understand wich product best fit our needs.
Our request is to have comparison benchmark of the different in-column databases.

Thank you for the wikipedia link but if it were a simple search list on wikipedia, i would do it by myself  and not use this service :)
johnsoneSenior Oracle DBA

That wiki page does list most of the vendors in the space that you are looking.  You would have to go to through those vendor sites and find the white papers you are looking for.

As mentioned in your other question, something of this scope is more of a consulting service rather than Q&A.

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