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I currently have a corporate account on a site called to use for sensitive client details in conversation between emails.  This product does not use TLS (Transport Layer Security), but uses SSL.  I have a potential client who may be requiring us to have the ability to use TLS in our emails to one another.  What is the easiest and most cost effective way someone can recommend for me and my organization?

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Tls is a way to secure communication after a connection is made. While ssg secure the connection.
Neigh tear option secures the data from being compromised if the username/password is guessed correctly. Nor is the data secure from being observed if the server on which it resides is compromised.

I think what you mean is that they want emails to be encrypted such that only the recipient can view the contents. You can either use an internal ca tissue email user certificate that will then be used to exchange the public certificates with each side will use the public certificate to encrypt the message to the recipient.

TLS is a feature that could be enabled on the mail server.


Thank you for your feedback.  I was reading too much into what was required by our possible client and thought it was far more of an "additional security certificate" sort of thing.  
Thank you for your time.


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