How can I implement a column with popup image? (DevExpress Silverlight GridControl - C#)

rafaelrasche used Ask the Experts™

I'm new in c# Visual Studio development.
Before doing that, I worked with delphi.
And I wrote a software that has a column with image popup.

I'm having hard time doing that in silverlight (devexpress gridcontrol).
I think that setting the column's <EditSettings> to <PopupImageEditSettings> is the way.
But I don't know how to:
- Add the two images in the control
- How to set the value that, on the FieldValue (string), corresponds to the image.

Here is a sample (in delphi) of what I need.
Any other way, that results this, are welcome.

Can you help me?
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I guess it is.
But the sample is for Windows Forms.
In Windows forms I already did it.

But in silverlight, I don't know...
oops, misread it completely!
I have found a Post that talks about it...

DevExpress Support

But I'm having hard time to implement it.

But I'm still trying..
If I think that I can't handle, I'll ask for help.

If someone could do a more simple sample, would be better..


I have found myself the solution.

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