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Asterisk Outbound Call From AMI

I am having trouble originating an outbound call with Asterisk AMI, with Asterisk 1.8.  To preface this, I can originate a call with absolutely no trouble using call files.  Here's an example of a call file that works, where 903XXXXXXX is the number I'm trying to dial out:

Channel: SIP/nextiva/903XXXXXXX
Context: sample-context
Extension: 1
Priority: 1

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However, when I connect to the AMI (and I receive notification of a successful connection), and perform the following action, I only get a "Response: Success" message and the call is not placed:

Action: Originate\r\n
Channel: SIP/nextiva/903XXXXXXX\r\n
Exten: 1\r\n
Priority: 1\r\n
Context: sample-context\r\n
Async: yes\r\n\r\n

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There seems to be no verbose message within the Asterisk CLI to indicate that any activity is happening.  Am I doing something wrong here, or perhaps is there a way to log/output the details from the action from the AMI?  Any help is greatly appreciated!
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This seems to be the correct solution, though I had to solve the problem of connection to the AMI, as the socket interface I was using through PHP was broken, and a few new problems stemmed from this one, which I'll post in a new thread.  Thank you!