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Catalyst Express 500 (gig1) <--> (fa0/1) Catalyst 3560. The gig1 from the 500 is configured as trunk and fa0/1 from 3560 configured as an access port. This is not my network. But it is currently working. The default vlan is configured on fa0/1. How do I know which vlans are allowed to go through? Thanks
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Well if the 3560 is configured as an access port, only that vlan will be allowed through that connection.  Unless the 3560 is configured for dynamic trunking in which case it is actually a trunk.    If you do   "show interface fa0/1 switchport"  what mode does it say the port is in?  Access or trunk?

If its access, then only that vlan if it is trunk, then unless there is a command to specifying the allowed vlans, then all of the vlans from the 3560 viewpoint, however, the CE500 may only be configured to allow certain vlans on the trunk, in which case you would have to look at the port config on the ce500 to know for certain.
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The command

sh int fa0/1 trunk

will show the allowed vlans on that port


fa0/1 is a trunk with dynamic.

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