"Un" Mapping search drive in Novell

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I have a machine on our network that I would like to be excluded from the


or at least be able to "un" map the search path via a command prompt. Is this possible?
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If it is just one machine or rather user then you can try the following:

map del s1:

in a batch file that runs as part of the particular user's login script.

If it is all users, you're getting this from the default login script.  As such you can stop it from running by adding
to your OU login script where users login from
deroodeSystems Administrator
You can also use IF THEN

IF <computername> <> "specialmachine" THEN MAP INS S1:=SERVER_SYS

Open in new window

In a Novell login script you can use environment variables between <brackets>
What version of Netware?
This can be done through Console One under login scripts for the user.

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