Aruba Access Point WPA2 Enterprise Connection Issues

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I am having trouble connecting to my WPA2 Enterprise access point.  I can connect to it with an iPad or Blackberry, but i cannot connect through windows 7.  When I attempt to connect through the windows wireless manager, it quickly tells me that I cannot connect.  I have manually configured the settings, but nothing I try works.  While it is trying to connect, if you look at the adapter, it says "Attempting to Authenticate" . It never gets past this point. I am guessing it has something to do with a certificate, but we are not using certificates.  I am not sure what all info I need to provide in order to receive help on this issue, as i have never set up an enterprise access point before.  Thanks for reading.
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How do you control access? Do yoiu have 2008 NPS or 2003 IAS configured?


Thanks for the reply! We have 2003 IAS, but I am not sure what you mean by "control access".
What conditions and what authentication methods do you use?
Conditions: Do users need to be a part of a special Security group to get access?
By the look of it, you have PEAP with inner method of MSChap (windows user name and password), and not EAP-TLS (Certificates)

Have you chosen any less secure authentication methods?

On the 802.1X part of Aruba - have you chosen Enforce machine authentication?

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